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A day in the life of a chalet host in Les Arcs

Seeing as our chalet hosts and chefs work so hard during the season, we wanted to give you an insight into exactly what is involved and therefore what you can expect from your ski holiday in Les Arcs.

Each host receives thorough training at the beginning of the season. Although this seems like the easy part, as there are no guests in the chalets at this point, it really isn’t. Everyone feels a bit nervous, and the two-week process is really intense.

During that fortnight, our hosts are bought up to speed on the high standards in place at Whitebeam Chalets, about the gourmet food and how to serve it, and about the way they should behave towards guests. We also prep them on what is and what isn’t expected within their job remit. For example, babysitting guests’ children is beyond the scope of the host’s job description, but can be arranged as an extra if required.

A day in the life of a chalet host in Les Arcs

Looking after guests on a ski holiday

Once our host couples are trained up and in full flow, the first guests start to arrive. Each couple is given a pre-prepared welcome speech to deliver, but they are also tasked with getting to know the guests including any food allergies or special requirements.

Our chalet hosts do everything they can to please our guests, and they have their work cut out for them as they are tasked with cooking for 10-14 people six nights a week, which becomes an interesting task when multiple food intolerances or preferences are involved. Our hosts take these request on board and do all they can to please our guests as we are happy to accommodate all different needs.

Alongside meal times and general cleaning each chalet couple must clear snow, light the fire each evening before dinner and, if there is one, keep the hot tub and saunas hygienic and it good working order.

Whitebeam Chalets’ managers, Matt and Sarah, take care of issues such as ski passes and bookings for ski fittings, restaurants and massages. However, as first port of call, our chalet hosts are responsible for dealing with anything that isn’t quite up to scratch. While it’s rare that things aren’t shipshape and Whitebeam fashion, we are really grateful to them for being on hand to help guests out and to offer a truly considerate and complete service.

Continuous, quality chalet service

Each week, we have guests leaving at the weekend with new groups swiftly arriving to take their place. That means our chalet hosts have to be extremely hardworking and dedicated to ensure a smooth changeover. This involves tidying and cleaning a 14-bed chalet – including bathrooms – and changing all the bed linen and towels within the space of a single day.

The host couple is usually up early to serve breakfast to the departing group and wave guests off before the big clean commences. Their day isn’t over until the new guests are welcomed, settled and served up a cracking three-course meal.

Every Tuesday, our chalet hosts stock up on supplies for the week ahead, doing their best not to forget anything. Often, they have to visit more than one supermarket as they may be unable to get everything they need in the first store. There may also be additional items on the list if there are specific food requirements or around a particular festival, such as Christmas, as we do all we can to make everything truly special for our guests.

Our chalets hosts cook for and serve our guests six mornings and six evenings a week. They provide beautiful table settings and clean up thoroughly after each meal. They also bake sweet treats such as cake or biscuits each day so that guests with hungry tummies can enjoy a well-earned snack when they return from the slopes.

Our chalet hosts also provide packed lunches for our guests, on request, which adds another task to the list but makes a big difference to our visitors, giving them one less thing to think about as they head off for a long day of skiing or snowboarding.

We love our chalet hosts for all their efforts! We (Sarah and Matt) were there once, and although we feel like our lives are just as busy as they ever were – running three chalets with two children in tow – we wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to our chalet hosts, past and present, for doing their jobs so incredibly well!

We are confident that they will do all they can to make your stay exceed expectations and we hope you will appreciate their efforts and drop in a little tip here and there as they serve you day after day.

We all look forward to welcoming you at Whitebeam Chalets!



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