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Eurostar ski holidays

Why travel to the Alps by train?

It’s easy to assume flying will get you to the Alps sooner, and that driving is cheaper than going by train. Flying or driving have their places for skiers travelling to the Alps, but the Eurostar ski train holidays will help you get a lot of value out of your trip.

Travel time to the Alps by train is the same as flying.

For flights, you need to take into consideration the two hour check in time, collecting your luggage, waiting for your airport transfer, and then the drive from the airport to the Alps. Depending on which airport you fly to, and traffic on the day, transport to Peisey-Vallandry takes at least two hours.

There’s not a lot of difference in overall travel time between taking the train and flying, but you’ll get much more enjoyment out of spending that time on the train.

With more leg room you can relax and take in the views, while being thankful you’re not queuing at the airport, or restricted to sitting on a plane or coach.

Read our information page on the Eurostar snowtrain to Peisey-Vallandry >

Spend more time in the Alps and less time travelling.

If you take the Eurostar night train you’ll wake up in the Alps for a full day of skiing or snowboarding. While other skiers are checking in for their flights, or queuing in their cars for Le Shuttle, you’ll be carving the slopes.

Enjoy valuable time with family or friends on the Eurostar.

Eurostar trains are very accommodating for groups. Sitting with your family or friends means you can play games and have the freedom to get up and move around – great for the little ones.

Does Eurostar have Wi-Fi?

If you need a break from socialising or need to do a little work online, you can connect to the free Wi-Fi throughout the train. With power sockets at every seat you’ll also arrive at the mountains with a full battery.

Eat whenever and whatever you like on the Eurostar.

The Eurostar dining car has a wide variety of reasonably priced food and drinks for you to purchase on board like fresh Croque Monsieurs, salads, pizza, or treats, and an assortment of beverages from frothy cappuccinos to wine and beer.

If you prefer, you can take your own picnic on board to graze during your trip. At St Pancras there are loads of cafes where you can pick up food on the way, or grab some snacks from Marks & Spencers.

To go with your picnic, take a flask of hot tea or coffee, or you may like to take your own alcoholic beverages on board the Eurostar ski trains during the day. This is limited to 1 bottle of wine or 4 bottles/cans of beer per person. Do be aware that alcohol is not permitted on the night train, and will be confiscated.

Choose a Eurostar ticket option that suits your preferences.

Eurostar’s fare prices vary depending on demand, availability, and class, but you can book your tickets up to 190 days from departure with the cheaper tickets often selling out first.

To get to the Alps, you can catch the Eurostar from London’s St Pancras International, or from Ashford International. Until the 31st of March, Eurostar’s night train departs London every Friday at 7:45pm, arriving at Bourg St Maurice the following morning.

The train also departs on Saturday mornings from St Pancras and Ashford, and will get you to the Alps in time to check in to your chalet, settle in for a lovely dinner, and enjoy a glass of vin chaud.

From London to Bourg St Maurice the train journey takes around 9 hours on day trips and just over 10 hours on the night train. See Eurostar’s full winter timetable for details and return journey times.

Getting to Whitebeam Chalets

To get to Whitebeam Chalets, get off at Bourg St Maurice train station, then we’re just a 20 minute transfer away. For transfer options get in touch with one of our partner transfer companies in Peisey-Vallandry.

Need more convincing?

We love snowcarbon.co.uk for information dedicated to skiers and snowboarders travelling to the Alps by train.



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