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Whitebeam Chalets - Catered Chalets in Peisey Vallandry

Summer in the French Alps

Whitebeams summer chalet, Chalet Cairn, is located in the picturesque rural village of Nancroix, at the gate of Vanoise National Park. Nancroix is an ideal spot to practice numerous mountain activities or just to take in the views.

Apartment Bronziers is also available in the summer for self-catered groups.

The local wildlife

Whether you are looking to relax, get on the mountain bike trails, hit the river or simply explore the numerous walking routes, Nancroix has something to offer everyone.

Summer temperatures normally sit between 20 and 35 degrees.

There are fantastic variations of flora and fauna, and a great collection of wildlife just on your door step.

You may even get to see one of the many shy marmots that live in the area!

French Alps wildlife - what is a marmot?

The Vanoise National Park

Peisey-Vallandry is one of the 4 official gateways to the Vanoise National Park.

Vanoise National Park is the first french national park that was created in 1963, for the protection of its flora of 1200 species of flowers and plants, and its fauna of 2000 ibex and 6000 chamois and numerous other species of wild mammals, not to mention golden eagles and bearded vultures.

500 km of hiking paths and trails criss-cross the heart of the Park’s 52839 hectares, and its network of mountain huts are ideal for circuits or give access to the high peaks such as Mont-Pourri and the Grande Casse.

The Vanoise National Park offers various itinerary routes depending on your level of experience; for a day’s walk or a longer trip with overnight halts in mountain huts.

This is a magical place for any budding photographers and artists and we recommend a visit for the wildlife and stunning landscapes.

Chalet in the French Alps in Summer

Summer with Whitebeam

With breathtaking views over the valley your summer with Whitebeam will be well worth the trip and we promise you will have a great time to remember.

This is a place for everyone: individuals, family, friends or corporate events.

Summer activities in the French Alps - Quad Biking
Summer biking in the French Alps for families
Summer Alpine Picnic Les Arcs
Horse riding in the summer in Peisey-Vallandry



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