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Whitebeam Chalets - Catered Chalets in Peisey Vallandry

Eurostar snowtrain to The Alps

The Eurostar, also known as ‘the snowtrain’, is a very civilised way of travelling to The Alps for a ski holiday.

The snowtrain to Les Arcs and Peisey-Vallandry runs on both week days and weekends.

The journey are available through the day or overnight from December through to April.

Eurostar snowtrain offers services from London St. Pancras picking up at either Ebbsfleet or Ashford International. Some change at Paris, and some change at both Paris and Chambery.

Usually Eurostar snowtrain tickets go on sale around mid July, for the following season.

Please see the SnowCarbon website for a full Eurostar timetable.

The Eurostar snowtrain services

There are three main Eurostar snowtrain services:

  • The Eurostar night train.
    The Eurostar night train is great for keen skiers wanting to gain an extra day in the mountains. Travel whilst you sleep, after a glass of wine or two!
  • The Eurostar day train.
    The day train may be preferable for families. Children can be kept entertained playing games, drawing or reading at train tables. Not to mention watching the ever changing landscape from the window. The digital nomads among you can work on the go as the newer Eurostar trains have wifi.
  • The Eurostar Paris stop over.
    Perfect for a city break on the way to your ski holiday destination, the snowtrain journey can be booked with an overnight stop in Paris. Wonderful if you would like to see the sites before you enter The Alps.

Where does the snowtrain stop for Les Arcs and Peisey-Vallandry?

Most trains, but not all, come to Bourg Saint Maurice, which is end of line and only a 25 minute transfer ride from Whitebeam Chalets in Peisey-Vallandry.

Actually, the closest station to Peisey-Vallandry is a small station in the village of Landry, between Moûtiers and Bourg Saint Maurice. This station has fewer facilities than Bourg, but if you have booked a taxi or transfer you should be well on your way to resort before you notice.

Guests of Whitebeam Chalets could choose Moûtiers as the destination station. Do be aware that the transfer to resort is then 40 minutes.

Why choose the Eurostar snowtrain?

As a group of adults, a family or family friends the snowtrain is a very sociable and relaxed experience.

We find that children love to travel by train. They can move around more freely, then when travelling by plane or by car. Games can be played or children can get creative at four person tables!

Food and drink can also be taken on the snowtrain, meaning that you can be well prepared when everyone gets hungry or thirsty.

With the increased ability to work remotely, adults can actually make time up by working on the train. Or sit back and relax.

A single plane trip can seem faster when booking a journey, but when travelling by plane there is an additional check-in time, as well as travel to and from the airport. Often the Eurostar snowtrain actually saves time.

Check out SnowCarbons’ live Eurostar price checker.

Does Eurostar have wifi?

According to the Eurostar website the newer snowtrains have wifi as we write, and all will be fitted with wifi by 2019.

For now, it may be worth checking the routes on which wifi is available if this is very important to you.

There are spots during the journey in which the available wifi is better than others. This is clearly shown on a map here.

If you travel on a older train with no wifi, try tethering a phone. Roaming prices across Europe are now much cheaper, if not free.

Eurostar snowtrain to the Alps from SnowCarbon


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