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What to pack for a family ski trip

Preparing and packing a whole family ready for a ski trip can be an adventure in itself. Here’s a list to help you pack for a family ski trip.

Essential items to pack for a family ski trip

Warm clothes for chalet holidays

Whitebeam recommends TK Maxx for cut-price skiwear. Children grow quickly so it’s not always worth buying new gear.

You can buy clothing in the Alps, but it’ll be more expensive to kit your family out here than back at home.

If you’re staying with us, Chalet Cairn has a dedicated drying room, while Chalet Bronziers has a heated rack. Don’t forget to hang your wet clothes out to dry so you’re ready for the next day of skiing!

There are washing machines in all of our chalets that can be used in emergencies.


It’s worth bringing two pairs of gloves for each adult and child as they can get wet, lost and smelly! If there’s space in the suitcase, bring a third pair for the evening.

Neck/face warmers

If you’re likely to be standing around listening to instructors or are planning on venturing high up into the mountains, take a combined neck and face warmer. Small ones that fold up and tuck away into jacket pockets are really useful.

Remember that it’s sometimes sunny in the mornings but cold after lunch.


Even in the spring, goggles are needed to protect your family’s eyes from the sun’s glare on the snow. Some people ski with sunglasses on warm days.

Woolly hats

We always recommend carrying a woolly hat, preferably one that will fit in a pocket. Bring a spare for the evenings if you have space.


Whitebeam’s top recommended item is a well-fitting ski helmet. This handy ski helmet size guide will help you choose.

Ski helmets will fit into your backpack or suitcase, and you can stuff them with the rest of your kit to save space.

If you’re planning to rent helmets be aware that they may not have the perfect sizes for all the family.


Base layers can be purchased fairly cheaply, especially on sites like Amazon. They’re really worth investing in for cold days on the ski lifts.

Long johns are amazing as your legs can get really cold.

When it’s really chilly we also wear hoodies (Whitebeam Chalet hoodies, of course).

Remember that if you’re learning to snowboard or ski, you’ll want to be able to strip down quickly as you may get very warm making such an effort.

Ski jackets and pants

Don’t forget to pack these, as you won’t be able to rent them here. Again, it may be worth buying second-hand ski suits for your children.

Comfortable clothes

Remember to pack comfortable clothes and warm pyjamas. You may have to share a bathroom with other guests if you haven’t booked ensuite accommodation, so a light dressing gown might also be useful.

Evening wear for your snow holiday

We never get really dressed up in the Alps, but you might want to bring something special to wear of an evening.

Our staff have one night off a week, giving you a chance to visit one of the local restaurants, so pack at least one evening outfit for each family member.

Peisey Village has a local bar, so you might like to grab a drink or two. We can arrange babysitters through Snow Little.


There are plenty of other outdoor pursuits in the Paradiski region, including yoga classes, swimming, ice skating and ice climbing, so remember to pack fitness gear.

Chalet Cairn has a hot tub, so if you’re aching after a long day’s skiing you’ll want to take a dip!


If you’re skiing as a family you’ll need a good backpack.

You may wish to take sandwiches (Whitebeam can provide these), water and snacks such as chocolate or flapjacks for a long day on the mountain, in addition to your ski gear.

Backpacks are also useful for walking and for travelling to and from your family ski holiday.

Footwear to bring on a ski trip

Sensible shoes

It’s almost always snowy in the villages here, so bring shoes you can wear to restaurants or to the local pub. Long boots are sensible, but the snowplough usually clears good paths so you may get away with short boots. Wear these on the plane to save space!


After a long day in ski boots, you’ll be happy you bought your slippers or thick, non-slip socks.

Other useful items to bring on holiday

If you’re travelling with infants, it may be worth adding warm sleepsuits and sleeping bags to your family ski trip packing list.

You’ll need the usual nappies, wipes and nappy cream along with a travel mat, formula (take your own or order in advance from Boots at the airport), bottles, weaning spoons, bibs, a sippy cup, medication and high-factor sun cream.

Pack essentials in your hand luggage so they’re easy to access during the journey. You may also want to include snacks, books, toys, a comforter and a dummy.

For older children, uploading films or games to a tablet could pay dividends.

Remember to pack adaptors, headphones and chargers!

What you can rent here in the French Alps

Most items are available here if you forget something or prefer to rent. We have a fantastic child backpack, for example, which literally allows you to carry the child.

Snowshoes, skies, boots, snowboards and helmets can all be rented from the local ski rental shops.

Rental Republic will even come to the chalet to fit your boots, skis and snowboards if you let us know in advance.

We also love Kids Can Ride, which offers advice on renting or hiring snowboard and ski gear.

What to pack for a family ski trip

Stay at Whitebeam Chalets!

We love having families to stay at Whitebeam Chalets. Our two chalets in Peisey-Vallandry and Nancroix are suitable for children of all ages, with plenty of space to play.

If you realise you’ve forgotten something, ask our friendly staff and we’ll either get it for you or tell you where you can find it.



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